O H N N Y   B O Y   C A R R Y   O U T 

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Johnny Boy is widely regarded as DC Metro's best barbeque. Here are some reviews Johnny Boy has received in recent years.

"The ribs are meaty, with a deep, smoky taste tinged with salty undertones, cooked to near perfection so the meat pulls away from the bone easily but doesn't fall off. Order the hot sauce on the side, because it is all pepper and little flavor. The ribs are better without it."
Nancy Lewis
Washington post --

"The best barbeque carryout in DC: Johnny Boy has been around since I was a little itty bitty thing. The ribs are seasoned to perfection; sauce is not necessary. However, the pork barbeque is finger lickin' good. I've had Carolina barbeque before, but I have to tell you that this DC barbeque is the best thing since white bread and Carolina barbeque. Make sure you try this carryout soon. By the way, the prices are very reasonable and they also have great chicken and subs."
-A local Yahoo! user

"The Best Ribs in Town! I grew up and occasionally eat at Johnny Boy. This place is the best slow cooked BBQ ribs you could ever run across your lips. They are so tender and close to falling off the bone. Unlike other places, they even let you pick your own slab and they will cut it down for you into individual servings. If you are in the DC area, you gotta stop by Johnny Boy and pick up some of the ribs. Trust when I tell you, its great."
-A local Yahoo! user