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Our Ribs Made Us Famous

About Us

Johnny Boy has been using the same authentic barbeque technique to cook its ribs since 1961.  In order for the meat to be juicy and tender, slow grilling for each rack of ribs is a must.  The secret recipe of marinating the ribs is also very important.  The end result is that each slab is grill to perfection and the juices are trapped inside the meat with a tender texture.  This has been the reason why Johnny Boy stands out from those typical “barbeque” restaurants.  Unlike Johnny Boy, these “barbeque” restaurants usually boil the ribs until they are cooked.  The ribs are then covered heavily with barbeque sauce.  No doubt the ribs are soft and tender, but where is the “barbeque” part? 

Another element to Johnny Boy’s success is its tangy and tasty hot sauce.  Founded by Fast Eddie, this unique formula is second to none. It is the perfect combination with our ribs.  For anyone who prefers less spicy, mix and/or mild sauce is also an excellent alternative. 

Besides the all time favorite Johnny Boy BBQ ribs, we also would like to invite you to try our BBQ chicken, Minced BBQ subs & sandwiches, and our savory seafood salad.  This is just to name a few-- the menu goes on.  Don’t forget to add a slice of homemade lemon / double chocolate cake or pie as a dessert. 

We look forward to serve you our authentic BBQ ribs in the near future!